Creating an Assignment

1. Click on "Add Assignment"

2. Name your Course Assignment. Your e-mail address is populated for you, and you will receive confirmation/notification that the Course Assignment has been processed.

Note: The name you give your Course Assignment will be listed in the "Course Assignment History". It is important that the name is relevant to the assignment and can easily be used to identify the assignment in the future.

3. Select Your Start Date and End Date.

4. Select the type of Course Assignment (Course or Package). For each assignment you may select up to 10 Courses; you may only select 1 Package or Competency Assessment at a time. Be sure to highlight the selection on the left, then click the double arrows to move the selection to the "Selected Items" box to the right. You may also narrow "Available Items" with the "Search" button.

5. Select Account/Region/Facility from the available facility list, or narrow your selection with the "Facility Search" function.

6. Click Continue

7. Review the "Selection Summary". If you need to make changes to the assignment, click on the Orange Back Arrow in the top right corner to return to the previous page.

8. Choose your Students. The students appear in the "Available Students" box. They correspond with the Account/Region/Facility you selected in step 4. You can select individual students by putting a check in the box next to their name or Select All Students by using the check box at the top of the Available Students list. You must click on the double arrows to move students into the "Selected Students" box.

9. Click on "Smart Assignment" or Basic Assignment" to assign items. 

Smart Assignment will only put items in a users account if they have not already Enrolled in the course or been Assigned the course in the previous 90 days.

Basic Assignment will assign all users with all courses even if they have the course in their account already. *This will create duplicate courses in the user's account.

10. You will receive the following message in a pop up box:

 "Successfully scheduled course assignment. An e-mail will be sent once the course assignment is complete." This confirms your course assignment is being processed by the system.

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