On Demand Reports

On Demand Reports are a series of formatted reports with numerous options and values for selected date ranges.


1. Click the "Reports" icon and click on "View Classic Reports"


2. Click on "On Demand Reports"


3. Choose a report format

On Demand Reports are divided into two main categories: Detailed Reports and Custom Reports.

  • Detailed Reports are pre-formatted reports with numerous variables to chose from based on a selected date range, including: Completion Status Reports, Exception Reports, and Registered Student Reports.

4. Enter Report Criteria

Enter the requested information for that report, including any or all of the following: Date Range, Region/Facility, Profession, Job Role and Student Name. These can be selected from the dropdown menus or by using the Search function to narrow your selection. When all requested criteria have been entered, click the “Run Report” button and your report will be displayed. Click “Close” when finished.

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