My Licenses

The "My License" section of your account is the place where you can list your Professional Licenses that you maintain.

RedVector uses the information in this section to populate completion certificates with board specific approval numbers. Therefor it is extremely important to make sure the correct license type and correct license number are listed in this section.

To add a license to your account click "Add License"

Select Your License Type from the Drop Down Menu. They are listed alphabetically by state or Association. Make sure you are selecting the correct state. AK is for Alaska - etc.

  1. Enter your license number exactly how it appears on your license.
  2. The expiration date is used to send automated reminders. You will have to manually change this ever renewal period. However this is strictly for reminder purposes and will not effect what renewal period your CEUs are applied to or your License Status.
  3. The reminder section is a place where you can set up specific dates when you would like the RedVector system to send you reminders about your License Renewal. (This is optional)

When you are finished adding a License - click the "Save" button.

*Note: If you License Board is one that RedVector has a reporting agreement with you must have this information in your account and correct for RedVector to be able to report your completions.

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