Search Courses

1. Click on Search Courses.  

This section allows you to browse the library of of courses available for your selection as well as narrow down the course list using Search Filters and add courses to your account.

2.  Available Courses.

When you first reach the "Search Courses" page you will have a list of all of the course options available to you to either purchase or enroll in depending on your account type.

The results are are broken down into the following types:

Webinars - These are live trainings hosted online at a set time and date via an online classroom format and led by a live instructor.

Packages - These are individual courses that have been grouped together to meet a specific training need or License Requirement.

Courses - These are all of the individual training courses available

You limit you results to only view the options in one of these categories by clicking on one of the tabs up top, or clicking "See All" next to each group.

3. Search Filters

You can filter results using the filters listed on the left side of the course list.

Keyword/Item # - If you know the specific course number you are looking for you can enter it here. Or you can enter a keyword to find courses related to a specific topic. Please note the search will look for the exact word or words you type in. Try to use words or parts of word that will not limit your results. 

  • Example: If you type in "Ethics" you will only get results containing the word "Ethics". But if you type in "Ethic" you will catch all the results containing Ethic, Ethics, Ethical, etc.

My Licenses - If you have Professional Licenses listed in your account they will show up in this section. If you put a check next to a license and click "Go" next to Keyword/Item # it will only display courses that have been tagged as approved for that license. The system will also display the filters that were used at the top of the course list.

  • If your license has special requirements, such as Laws & Rules, you will see those listed below the license and you can put a check next to that requirement to only see the courses that apply to Laws & Rules for that specific License.
  • If you select multiple licenses the system will only display results that have been marked as approved for all licenses selected.

Other Search Filters - Continuing down the left side of the screen are a variety of other filters you can use to narrow down the course results. All of these filters work the same as the my license section.


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