Task Verififcation Observations

Task Verification Observations require a Student and an Observer. The Student will perform the required tasks, demonstrating proficiency in the specific subject matter. The Observer will accompany the Student and evaluate his or her ability to perform all required tasks. 

1. Navigate to the "Task Verification" tab.

This is located in "Manager View" under the "Manage Training" tab.

2. Locate the Student to be evaluated. Click "View All" under Task Verification for that Student.

Click the Search button to display ALL students or narrow your search by entering a First and/or Last name.

3. Begin Observation

Click "Begin" to start the observation.

Completion Status Definitions:

  • Not Accepted: Student assigned a Competency Assessment has not yet accepted the Assignment. Note: If a student has not accepted the assignment, the Observer may still begin the assessment; the student's account will automatically accept the assignment.
  • Not Started: Student has accepted the Competency Assessment but it has not been attempted.
  • Incomplete: Competency Assessment has been started but was closed before completion.
  • Passed: Student has demonstrated proficiency in the Competency. Once a student receives a passing score, no more attempts may be made. A passing score is generally 100%.
  • Failed: Student has not received a passing score for this Competency Assessment and may attempt again.

4. Read the Reviewer Affidavit. Click the "Agree & Proceed" button to continue. 

5. Evaluate the Student. 

For each observation in the assessment, click the appropriate button: "Met of "Not Met". There may also be an Optional Comments section to type in any notes. If needed, the entire form may be printed by clicking on the Print icon in the top right corner. Fill out the Observation Date and click "Submit Observation" to finalize the assessment.

*Once the assessment is complete with a passing score, the assessment cannot be re-taken. To view the detailed competency assessment steps, click the "View Observation History" link.

*This popup shows the details for the latest attempt to pass this Competency Assessment. If more than one attempt is made, they will be numbered below the word "Attempts". each attempt number is also a link to view the details for that attempt. To view the exam questions that were missed for that attempt, click the "Review Exam Questions" at the bottom of the screen. When done reviewing, click "Close"



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