Course Assignment History

1. To view ALL Assignment History for a given Year: Select the year from the dropdown and click "Search". 

You can narrow your search by Year and/or by Account/Facility Name or AuthCode by typing it in the "Search" text box.

2. Assignment History Listing

You will see a list of the history for Course Assignments, Package Assignments, and Competency Assessments associated with the search information you provided in step 1.


  • Course Assignments are listed in white.
  • Package Assignments are listed in blue.
  • Competency Assessments are listed in peach.

Extend the expiration date for All Students in the assignment. 

  • Click on "Edit". Once the expiration date has been changed, click "Update" to save the changes.

Extending the expiration date for Individual Students. 

  • To view and edit individual users within the assignment click on the "Assignment Number".
  • To extend the expiration date for an individual student, locate the student within the listing, then click on “Edit”. Once the expiration date has been extended, click “Update” to save changes.
  • To remove an individual student from the course assignment, click “Delete”.
  • The page below only displays a total of 20 students at a time. To view the remaining students, click the page number listed below the table to view the remaining pages.
  • You may also export the entire list to Excel by clicking the “Export to Excel” icon.
  • To return to the search results on the previous page, click the “Back” link on the top right corner of the page; circled in red below. Do not click your browser’s “Back” button.

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