Adding A Custom Course

Manage Library: Adding a Custom Course

Under the Manager Menu, select Manage Library go to Custom Training

  • Click on "Add Custom Training"
  • Select "Online Course" and then Begin



Under the Details section:

  • Fill out all required information marked with *
  • Save the Draft and then click to Build Course Components.

Now you are ready to build your course, click to Add Component and select from the list of components:


Once you enter all the components you need, click Edit on each section to begin adding the information, Save after every edit.

PDF: Add Title, select PDF file then click Save

Quiz: Add Title, update quiz settings; min passing score, results format, time limit, attempt, etc. – Add New Question Bank to create your quiz questions. If you already have a Question Bank created you can select from the available banks.

When adding a new question bank add Title, then select the question type – when you are done click Save.

Survey: Add Title, select from survey question options then Add Question, when you are done click Save.

 When you are done adding/udpdating your components click to Review & Publish the course.

Review your Course Details and Components then select if you want users to be able to Self-Enroll or only have the course available for Assignment. When done click Publish.

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