Adding Non-RedVector Training or Certificates to your Profile

Users can add records of any training completed outside of the RedVector platform to their RedVector account.  This is a great tool to track and organize all training in one location.  To add a training record to your profile, follow the steps below.


After Logging in to your RedVector Account:

  • Click "My Certificates" located on the gray navigation bar
  • Click the "Transcripts" tab
  • Click the "Add New" button

In the pop up window, add your course information.

  • Add the Course Tittle
  • Select the training Status from the drop-down menu (incomplete, passed, failed)
  • Add the Date Completed
  • Select the Format from the drop-down menu (Online Course, Webinar, Seminar, Other, Printed, Conference, Meeting, Class)
  • Enter the number of Hours
  • Enter your Score
  • Choose the License that this course would apply to from the drop-down menu (please note: RedVector does not report any external training records to the board)
  • Add the training Providers name
  • Add the training Location (if applicable)
  • Add Expense total (if applicable)
  • Click Browse to search your documents and upload training certificate or document
  • Click Save

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